Bubble Trouble 2

Bubble Trouble 2, a sequel to the popular puzzle / skill game arrived. Even harder and even more challenging than ever. No changes in gameplay, only the difficulty level has been changed and some modifications have been made in visual part of the game, in other words, Bubble Trouble aka Bubble Trouble 2.5 looks much better. Minor bugs have been fixed as well, the game doesn’t stuck or crush anymore so you can keep the game running together with other media applications. This is the sequel to the original B. Trouble game, We recommend playing the original game first before this one, to learn the basics of the game, besides, the old B. Trouble game is a lot easier than Bubble Trouble 2.

For clarification, this game is known under several names, including Bubble Struggle. All the game series can be found on this website including also very popular game series – Bubble Shooter, which are not part of these series but people often associate them with each other. Make sure you check our blog for detailed information about all bubble games, watch the gameplay and walkthrough videos, play and download games, submit screenshots and comments and participate in Bubble Contests.

  • Instructions

    "Rules are the same, Navigate the cat with arrow keys and shoot the spear with space bar."

  • Improved Gameplay and Graphics

    " Now with better graphics than the original game and improved and more enjoyable gameplay process."

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